Saving Yourself from Spending Your 20s in Debt

Your twenties can be the most expensive years of your life. Many of us have taken out student loans and upon graduating, have found it difficult to land an entry-level job that pays well. Written from firsthand experience, the author of this article provides some insight on how her parents prepped her financially during her early twenties. Click the link below to read more!

5 Ways My Parents Saved Me from Spending My 20s in Debt

7 Weird Ways to Save $4000 a Year

As the summer winds down, a lot of us are focusing on how we can start rebuilding our savings after all our summer fun. Some great ways to save without cutting back on things you love include signing up for reward travel credit cards, enlisting in an Internet research panel and claiming rebates when dining out. Read the full article below to learn more!

7 Weird Ways to Save $4000 a Year

9 Problems You Can’t Solve With Money

Today, many people think that money can fix any situation that life throws at us. Money might be the answer for temporary happiness, but it can’t solve problems like a failed relationship, a mid-life crisis, or acquiring skills and talents (just to name a few). Click the link below to read why money isn’t the answer to all your problems.

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Twelve Places to Stash Your Extra Cash

If you’re wondering what to do with your extra cash, this article is worth reading. Instead of stashing extra cash under your mattress, there are other places to keep your money that are safe and will even allow you to earn some return. CDs, bonds, savings accounts, and paying down your mortgage are all options to consider when thinking about where to stash your extra cash.

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Credit Unions Using Gambling to Encourage Saving

Institutions around the U.S. are using a new tactic to get low-income households to start saving. According to this New York Times article, low-income Americans tend to spend the most on lottery tickets as they see it as a viable option for financial planning. Credit unions and nonprofit groups are gaining support from liberal poverty advocates and conservatives by encouraging consumers to save with prize-linked savings accounts, which essentially offer lottery tickets for every deposit. Winnings vary, but some participants have seen grand prizes of $30,000. Click here to read more Using Gambling to Entice Low-Income Families to Save

6 Stocks Wall Street Bets on Tanking

1. El Pollo Loco:
Although at first investors went crazy for it, the trend soon died down fast and many do not see this as a long term investment worth making. During it’s IPO, the stock was at $15, however, it spiked up to $42 in a matter of days. However, El Pollo Loco has seen a loss of $50 million within the past three years.

2. 3D Systems:
It seemed almost too good to be true. The future came by with 3D printers and nearly everybody was excited for it. But as the craze died down and we started to see true numbers and results, stock is nearly down 50%.

3. Go Pro:
There’s no way any tech type consumer has not heard of the Go Pro. It’s been getting great publicity and popularity but a lot of Wall Street investors are skeptical of its dramatic rise. And the price of stock went from $24 to $50 but statistics show that it might not be a truly accurate price.

4. Advanced Micro Devices
This stock has already been suffering with two dramatic downturns this year. On July 18th, the stock soared down with a dramatic percentage of 16% which scared investors away further drawing back its potential revenue.

5. SodaStream International
With rumors of a potential buyer with coke, the prospectives seemed high for SodaStream. But, given the political situation with Gaza and the high tensions with Israel, there’s a good chance that their quarter numbers will not appear as high.

6. KinderMorgan
Due to a recent stock pop, KinderMorgan gained many short sellers and the amount of borrowed stock increased 800%.

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How to show wealth in Hong Kong

While in the United States, consumers buy Rolexes, Cartier, and Mercedes to show off their wealth, in Hong Kong, giant dogs are the new hot items! Much of the living space in Hong Kong are apartment buildings. And as expensive as New York City is, many luxury apartments in Hong Kong go for twice that amount. While small dogs symbolize a smaller property, large dogs such as Tibetan Mastiffs and Siberian Huskies exemplify having prosperity within the Chinese territory.

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How to get Credit Without a Credit Card

For many college students and young graduates, the question of how to get credit without a credit card looms around our head deeply. With the new FICO Score 9 coming out this summer, there are more than just one reason to improve your credit history and score. Ironically, many people get denied for credit card because of their lack of credit. Until the federal student loans and co-sign loans are paid off, it’s hard to build up a credit. This article can help you with this problem.

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Russian Ban Helps or Harm?

Russia has put a ban on food imports such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and dairy products, which will result in an increase in price at home and hurt Europe due to billions in lost exports. This ban was due to a retaliation against Western sanctions. And in addition, the U.S. and Europe imposed sanctions on Russia due to the Ukraine crisis. Although Russia seems to be taking a stand, is it the wrong one? This ban will hurt them the most and worsen their economy.

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