What Your Credit Card Numbers Mean


Do you know what the numbers mean on the front of your credit card? Contrary to popular belief, they are not just random bits of numbers. In fact, they are set up to identify what company issued your card, which bank you’re associated with, and a check digit. In addition, there actually is a certain way to validate a credit card just by looking at the numbers.

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Stocks Charging Back

Regardless of last week’s scare, the Dow is back above 17,000 and at a record high. As stock goes up, there are several items to keep your eye on. For example, tech movers such as NFLX and TWTR both gained over 2%. Gold and silver on the other hand, went down by 2.3%. And while the dollar strengthened against the pound but weakened against the euro.

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Cheapest States To Live In

New York is a beautiful state filled with culture, music, and creativity. However, it tends to drain our bank accounts. As one of the top 5 most expensive states to live in, many former New Yorkers have taken up their roots and moved to more affordable locations. It’s crucial to know the cost of living because your personal income can be affected by it.

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Mobile Wallet Service, Isis, Rebranding

Isis is a mobile wallet service founded by AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile. In addition to being free, this app is available for many smartphones. Instead of taking out your wallet to pay, you would just pay with a tap of your phone. Although this is very innovative, the branding needs some work. In order to steer clear of being related to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, they will undergo a name change.

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54 Ways to Save Money

Big changes do not happen overnight. And going from a spender to a saver is no different.  However, taking small steps in adjusting your lifestyle can make a huge impact on your wallet. For example, keeping those dimes and nickels you receive after buying a bagel can actually add up. If you were to save up fifty cents every day, you would wind up with nearly $200 by the end of the year. Also, weatherproofing your house is another good way to save on the electricity and gas. By caulking holes and cracks that brings in cold air during winter, your house will get warmer and your gas bills, smaller.

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July 4th Saving Tips

Hamburgers, hot dogs and fireworks all add up to a fun weekend and a lighter wallet. Results from a Visa survey claims that on average, Americans spend $300 on this holiday. To get a lot of bang for your buck, here are some saving tips you should consider:

1. Look for sales and coupons in your newspaper
2. Ask your guests to BYOB
3. Potluck dinners

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Good news for Drivers July 4 Weekend

This fourth of July, don’t be afraid of traveling far because lower gas prices should prevail. Due to the tracking boom in the shale regions throughout the United states, there has been an overabundance of gasoline. According to the vice president of fuel services of Fuelquest, Ryan Mossman said consumers should expect prices to range between $3.65 and $3.70 this weekend.

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Mothers Beware

With the option of sharing and uploading pictures and statuses about your child’s development and accomplishments, comes real danger. One out of every forty children under the age of 18, have encountered identity theft and in foster care, one out of ten children are susceptible to it. After having ruined their own credit, a “fraudster” decides to wreck the unspoiled one of a child who won’t be using it for a few years. And this child won’t find out until much later when they apply for a credit card or drivers license.

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Americans Earn More but Spend Less

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal income rose this May which marks the fifth consecutive month with an increase. Before the 2005 recession, Americans were overextending their finances and saving less than 3% of their income on a monthly basis. Although we have been earning more, we have been spending less. Less Americans are going out for dinner and movies, and have also spent less on necessities such as groceries and utilities.


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What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are “electronic gold” that can be purchased, taxed, or stored away for a later date without the need for a central bank. They exist only online and are not controlled by the Federal Reserve. One benefit to Bitcoin is the ability to send and receive money instantly to anywhere in the world with very low fees. However, due to the novelty of the item, not many companies will accept it as a form of payment. And yet, many people are into this idea of currency and have invested more than $5 billion within the system.

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